The First Aid Show

The First Aid Show

The first aid show, from ProTrainings Europe, an online TV series which looks at all things first aid, medical and safety.   In the First Aid Show we speak to medical professionals, re-living real life scenarios and offering practical advice on the prevention of accidents, treatment of injuries and how you and those around you can keep safe.  The First Aid Show is in an easy to view format and because everything is visual you don’t even have to read it. We cover many different subjects and it’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn a little more about helping others and medical issues.

At the first aid show we want to hear your views, questions and stories. So please get in touch via email, facebook or twitter and we will always do our best to answer any questions you have.  The first aid show is brought to you by ProTrainings Europe one of Europe’s largest providers of first aid, medical and health & safety training delivered online.
The best thing about the first aid show is its completely free. You can subscribe on our website, Reku or via iTunes.

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